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16-01-19 - CashCoin Update

The CashCoin pool is now ready to mine and payout thanks!
15-01-19 - CashCoin Update

The CashCoin wallet is still syncing. Please compare the block height on our dashboard with the block height on the official CashCoin block chain explorer to know once its live to mine.
15-01-19 - Litecoin Cash Update

Hi Everyone, please can you all make sure you have updated your wallets to the latest version found here: Due to a mistake on our part when we have been moving over to different infrastructures we accidentally restored the old LCC wallet and stratum code which is preventing a very cool and important security update to the whole LCC network. As we have around 50% of the network hashrate on our pool this isn't helping this move be accepted on the network. We are about to revert to the proper code and wallet we had implemented previously. Can everyone please help the LCC team make this a reality as it will bring lots of added benefits to mining and the security and stability of the network. To check the Hive progress please look here: Thanks and roll on Hive!!!!
13-01-19 - Flo payments

Since we last hosted Flo coin we noticed blocks had been found but were not paying out. We have enabled TX message support on the wallet and now payments are releasing. The Flo coin pool is ready to mine and payout. Thanks!
13-01-19 - Cashcoin Fork

It appears our CashCoin wallet has forked we are currently resyncing the wallet. Mining will automatically resume once it is complete.
11-01-19 - RNG Payments

RNG Coin payments are now releasing. Sorry for the delayed payments, we had an accounting issue with our wallet.
10-01-19 - Updates

RNG Global Stats hashrate has been fixed (it was reading 90x too high).
10-01-19 - RNGCoin Changes

We had another transaction too large message appear with outgoing payments for RNGCoin so we have created a new wallet and all mining has resumed along with payments. Manual payments have gone out for the 20+ blocks mined. Transaction comment marked as "Manual Payment from" Payments now go out every 61 seconds and minimum payout balance has been increased to 70RNG from 0.01RNG to try and avoid further transaction error messages. Thanks to Nordline for the heads up! And any issues please let us know. Thanks!
04-01-19 - Google translate

We have added the google translator function to the top of our site on each page for multilingual support for our international miners.
02-01-19 - RNGCoin Payments

Our RNG payments stalled earlier this morning due to large transaction messages from the wallet. We have manually sent out manual payments and have created a fresh wallet which is now mining and paying out. Thanks!
01-01-19 - Plans for 2019

We are currently looking into adding other algorithms to our pool to support more coins and will also be adding Litecoin, Bitcoin and BitcoinCash pools. Continual website development and more to come, any requests please let us know. Thanks!
01-01-19 - Happy New Year!

Happy new year to you all! Thanks for sticking with us and we look forward to developing our services more this year. Hope you all have a great start to 2019!!!
29-12-18 - Updates

We have added stats progress update bars to the top of the dashboard on the home page as well as each coin pool on the workers and payments pages.
28-12-18 - Updates

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves and having fun this holiday! Date and Time Formats updated site wide, added new icons to home page, formatted current round shares on homepage stats, added tooltips to dashboard stats. Got more improvements to come on the front end and working on last payment stats too. Enjoy!
27-12-18 - Updates 2

We have added the last block found time to the dashboard for each coin pool, times are updating please be patient for new blocks to change from default 1970's value :)
27-12-18 - Updates

We have formatted the difficulty on the home and workers page for each pool to make it easier to read.
27-12-18 - Database issues

Sorry for the outage this morning we had some DB issues. We have just resolved and all services are now back to normal. Thanks!
24-12-18 - Pool Update

Okay we are going to keep an eye on the pool but taking some much deserved rest for the break. Happy mining and hope you all have a great holiday and a happy new year!
24-12-18 - RNGCoin Payments

Okay so we weren't expecting payment issues with RNGCoin to extent where nothing would send out. So to get on top of things we have tallied all shares and the total wallet balance and worked out totals and sent out around 230K's worth of backlogged RGN Coins in manual payments. We have created a new wallet and all mining is now using this and the pool is working again with payments going out. To confirm no work or coins were lost and everything has been accounted for. We have marked these payments as "Manual Payment from" on the TX comments, you can lookup these transactions on a RGNCoin block explorer using our old wallet's address: RAFv7YEadWCtpNVrfpiKwF2nr1Tnf3ooNh Thanks!
24-12-18 - Max blocks per payment

We have just lowered the max blocks per payouts for all pools back to 3 from 6 as we were hitting transaction too large errors from the wallets. This will unjam RNGCoin payments, all other coins seem to be okay but have lowered to be safe. Again in the new year we will move to a new infrastructure to avoid mini downtimes and make a the mining experience much better for everyone. Thanks and Merry Christmas!
24-12-18 - Updates

We have made the date and time format shorter on the blocks and payments pages. The Auroracoin & both Digibyte global stats have been fixed and Cobrabytes & RNGCoin will update faster and display properly in our next update. Block payments increase from 3 to 6 shortly to help get payments out quicker.
21-12-18 - High Difficulty Port Changes

Hey miners, just to let you know we have just updated all of our 35XX ports for all coins to match the miniumum required NiceHash difficulties for SHA256/Scrypt & X11 algorithms so you should be able to rent mining power and mine on our 35XX ports now. Remember these high end 35XX ports are only for NiceHash or MiningRigRentals or another high power hash provider. Normal mining equipment should use the 33XX ports that automatically adjust to give you the best results. As we are a PROP pool its all about the shares and not the difficulty that affects your payout. Thanks and hope this helps!
20-12-18 - More Updates Part 2

As mentioned we take on board everyone's feedback and from that we have just added more stats (Block Height/Difficulty/Round Shares/Wallet Connections & Luck) to the home page with the overall hashrate graph now at the bottom. We removed the Pool Stats page. Workers graph now at top of Workers page and also added Pool Hashrate/Global Hashrate & Block Height. Block chart now at top of Blocks page. And the API has been moved under the Tools dropdown menu. We have also added a clock to reflect your local date and time. More improvements to follow. Thanks for sticking with us and if you know of any other miners tell them about our pool and if you like our pool please advertise us as the more power we get the more blocks we find the better more regular rewards we will receive together!
20-12-18 - More Updates

We have made most of the information on the front page linkable so it will take you to the relevant page and section by clicking on stats. Also due to some performance issues for some users as well as getting in the way of important data we have removed the christmas tree, snow and santa with his sleigh. After all it's coming up to the holiday's and Santa and the snow can't stick about on all season :) Hopefully this helps give you all a better site experience.
20-12-18 - Updates

Hi Everyone, we are really sorry for the service interuptions this morning. We had some gremlins in the system and had to do some troubleshooting to make sure we give a reliable service to all of our miners. Also Hello to all our new miners! Special thanks to Sergei for helping identify an issue on our pool and helping us test and resolve! We have an active plan to move to a better infrastructure in the new year to provide better uptime and all round performance. If you have a problem mining with us please let us know whether big or small and we will be greatful to recieve any feedback bad or good as we want to continually improve our service for everyone. Thanks for your understanding and we hope you are all ready to enjoy a well deserved end of the year break!
19-12-18 - RNG Coin is live to mine!

We have just launched RNG Coin on our pool and is now ready to mine. Happy mining!
19-12-18 - Updates

Over the past week we have been deploying security updates to our systems and pool code as well as improvements under the hood for a better experience. Pending and Confirmed totals now show on Blocks page per pool.
17-12-18 - Curecoin Fork to POS

Hi Curecoin miners, we are sorry to announce that we will be closing our Curecoin pool once the last blocks mined have been paid out. This is due to Curecoin moving their wallet to purely POS and removing POW. We want to thank you for your time mining on our pool and hope you will stay to mine our other coins. As we will be removing Curecoin we will be taking into consideration adding a new coin so any ideas please get in touch via discord or email and we will review. Thanks!
14-12-18 - Gulden Live

Gulden is now live and ready to mine. Thanks!
14-12-18 - Updates

Auroracoin and Cobrabytes are currently having global hashrates entered daily until automatic. Gulden Scrypt Coin coming soon just syncing blockchain and will announce when live. Added a coin price ticker to the markets page.
12-12-18 - Global Hashrate Stat Fixes

Some more good news, we have managed to implement a script to pull the global hashrate data from different API's for CashCoin and Digibyte. So that just leaves us with Auroracoin & Cobrabytes. Once we have some progress on the remaining stats we will let you know. Thanks!
12-12-18 - GCNCoin Live

GCN Coin has now been fully added to our pool and is ready to mine on thanks!
12-12-18 - GCNCoin

We will be adding GCN Coin to our pool, all of the front end adjustments have been made. Just waiting for the wallet to finish syncing and then we will make the stratum live to connect to. Thanks!
11-12-18 - Luck update

We have just modified our Luck algorithm for better guestimation accuracy to reflect yours or the pools hashrate against the global hashrates and the block times for each coin.
11-12-18 - What is luck?

The new luck stats are in place as a trial, they essentially look at the global hashrate versus the pool or miner hashrate/block time and difficulty and make a guess as to how long it will take to find a block. These are purely guestimation stats and should not be used as accurate estimation of finding a block. In some stats it will show Infinity in most cases this is due to the global stats not being available. For example it may say over a few days to a month dependant on pool hashrates versus global to find a block yet we find 10 in a day no problem. This algorithm will be tweaked as best it can be as we move forward, what we don't want to do is confuse our miners. We are currently working on code changes to pull the global stats we are missing into our database so we can display in our stats sections where they are missing and in turn this will fix the Luck stats. Thanks!
11-12-18 - Frontend Updates

The Pie charts and Block squares have been altered on the Blocks page to the show full wallet address and worker names properly. We are in the process of adding luck stats to the pool stats and miner stats pages. Cashcoin payments caught up last night and we seem to be the only pool running on the latest chain, the official block explorer and other services have not yet caught up so take advantage now to make some easy CashCoins. The graphs on the stats page have been set to auto width to fit your screen better. The Blocks page is now mobile friendly. FAQ's have been updated. Added Miners counter on Workers page for each pool. Changed some favicons for design unity across the pool. Ensured all stats are using confirmed totals and not general totals for blocks found on each pool. Altered top navigation for dropdowns to make way for new pool pages under development. Also added Errors section to each pools API, the idea is to give feedback from wallet on potential issues. (At present the only Wallet with an error message is Cashcoin but this is due to the wallet code not being updated with the latest checkpoints so can be safely ignored as is working fine for mining and payments etc). Added permanent social feeds to top of News page.
10-12-18 - Fixed pending / confirmed stats glitch

We noticed that as blocks appeared in the pending total once mined they also appeared in the confirmed total, we have now altered our code and only pending blocks will show in pending stats and confirmed in confirmed stats minus the pending added to the total. To confirm this is purely a stats issue and hasn't affected payments or balances etc, all of those systems have been working fine. As blocks are confirmed the confirmed stats will increase and pending decrease in accordance with how many blocks have been mined and confirmed etc. Along with our new regularly updating stats this should help make it easier to see what is happening on our pool.
10-12-18 - Max Blocks Payout / Coinbase Maturity & Cashcoin Update

We have increased the maximum number of blocks per payment to 3 from 1 to help pay out more blocks every 2 minutes for each coin. Changes have been made to each coin pool to match the official coinbase maturity confirmation amount. Cashcoin is now back online and finding lots of blocks and is playing catchup with payments, invalid blocks since the fork have been removed and the new 3 block per payment should help get these out quicker.
09-12-18 - Pool Mining Fee Reduced & Cashcoin Issues

We have now lowered all mining pool fee's down to 1%. The Cashcoin wallet is currently rebuilding after a fork issue, the stats and forked blocks will be dealt with once the wallet is back online in the next couple of hours..
09-12-18 - Pool Mining Fee Reduced, Immature Balances & Blocks page updates

We will be lowering all mining pool fee's down to 1% later today. This new reduced fee will stand in place until further notice. We are also in the process of setting up Immature balances when clicking on your worker address on the workers page, this will show along side the pending and paid balances. We are also working on improving the blocks page and then will aim to make it mobile friendly too.
07-12-18 - Pool Stats Update

More good news, we have now put in place fixes for all pool network stats that are available through our coin daemons. The only stats we cannot get to show at present are Global Hashrates for: Auroracoin, Cashcoin, Cobrabytes & Digibyte. All other stats are now showing and updating every minute. We will continue to monitor and when able to add them we will asap.
07-12-18 - Connectivity interruptions

Sorry for the drop out's today we had an issue with one of our network adapters, this has just been resovled and all services are back to normal.
06-12-18 - Clickable Block Heights

We have added links on the blocks page so when you click a block height number it should take you directly to a block explorer to view the block hash info.
05-12-18 - Blocks page has landed!

Happy to announce our brand new Blocks page is now live and showing data for the last 20 blocks found for each coin as well as who found them. This will show you which blocks are pending, how many confirmations and if it has been confirmed and paid. By default our pool is set to 120 confirmations, however if a coin daemon says it's confirmed it will pay it sooner say for example after 25 confirmations. We still have some additional features and changes to make to this page. Watch this space and enjoy!
05-12-18 - Copy buttons added

We have added some easy to use Copy buttons for each of our stratum addresses for ease of use on the Getting Started page, hope they come in handy when configuring your mining equipment or software.
05-12-18 - Worker names now enabled

Today we bring you more great news! Worker names are now enabled and work hand in hand with the new workers page when clicking your mining address. To start using simply add a dot directly after your wallet address and then directly after the dot your worker name. For example Ez9W6kynbv4FqftQY537bHEXGCDs8vppdC.worker1 We hope this helps and will be bringing more features as soon as we can. Thanks again and as always to all of our miners for your support and feedback we really appreciate it and wouldn't exist without you!!
04-12-18 - Zetacoin pool online

Zetacoin is now live and ready to mine.
04-12-18 - Zetacoin

Zetacoin will be added to the pool soon, we are currently syncing the wallet and will begin prepping the front end and will of course let you know once it is ready to mine. Thanks!
04-12-18 - Long term goals

We are in the early stages of trying to get a Blocks page so you can see pending/confirmed blocks along with hashes. We are also looking into showing the block finders for each pool. With the new workers stats page now in place one of our next goals is to get worker name extensions so you can give each of your miners an ID extension from the same wallet address, this will help give you visibility of your hardware and hashrates so you don't need to strain using the API and will also involve a payment system overhaul to accomodate the worker ID's etc. We are also working on trying to make sure all of the coin stats show correctly on the Pool Stats page, this is mainly caused by some wallets not sharing the same RPC commands.
04-12-18 - Updates

As we removed the festive music player you can now click the christmas tree for a tune. Coin logo's now spin around when hovered over. The Markets page is now easier to view each coin stats BTC value and all images spin just for the fun of it, don't forget to hover over santa :) Twitter is now live. Come join us on Discord! We need more miners online, get anyone you know mining on our pool and we will all find more blocks together and get more frequent payouts. Any coins that support TX comments now have our CoinMinerz name signing found blocks and transactions so when using certain block explorers you will see our pool show up.
04-12-18 - Friendly worker stats

Good news we all know looking at API stats can be a bit of a headache so we have introduced worker stats graphs and balances, you can access yours by going to the worker's page and clicking your address or by using our mining stats search bar top right of the site header. So this means whether using the workers page links or search bar you will always go to the new page. The API is still available and you can access your stats via the API by going to: Simply replace "taddr" with your mining wallet address. Thanks and enjoy!
03-12-18 - Downtime

Sorry for the downtime our ISP had an intermittent issue with connectivity for 3-5 mins this morning, all services have been restored and nothing has been lost. Thanks!
30-11-18 - Say hello to our live stats

Great news all of our stats on the Home, Pool Stats, Workers & Payment pages now automatically updates every 10-20 seconds to give you the latest figures, so no need to manually refresh those pages to see what's happening anymore :)
30-11-18 - Christmas tree, noisy Santa & Music

We have made some code changes to the site to stop the christmas tree appearing on mobile devices & small resolution devices blocking text and other items on the website. We removed the music player to make space for the Discord & Twitter links in the header. The pool site is best viewed on a desktop or laptop screen however we are making continual improvements for a better experience for mobile/tablet and low res device users. Also Santa now has something to say when you hover over him.
29-11-18 - Twitter going live

Twitter thinks we are 13 year olds as we set our birthday to early this month when creating the account to coincide with the re-launch of our pool, just waiting for verification and we are live :) Twitter
29-11-18 - Mincoin Upgrade

Happy to announce we are now running the latest version 13 release of Mincoin and are finding blocks and making payouts.
29-11-18 - Discord now live

We have just launched our own discord server if anyone has any questions, needs mining support or just wants to talk crypto then get involved :) Discord
28-11-18 - Where did 803 Mine Pool Go?

Hi Everyone, we have received some emails recently from people asking where has 803 Mine Pool gone (if you are a miner you can ignore this post). Simply put the 803 Mine Pool has been closed down temporarily (all data has been backed up such as shares, balances.. etc) and traffic from the pool has been re-directed here to give miners a place to mine until the 803 Mine Pool is back online. This is related to an 803 newsletter article that explains one of their main facilities had damage carried out and there is an ongoing legal/insurance situation so this can all be recovered and the pool restored back to normal operation along with other services. To contact 803 Mine please use as is solely for mining support. This pool is independant of 803 Mine and uses the domain for operation. So for 803 Mine Pool miners this is just a stand in replacement not run or maintained by 803 Mine but a seperate pool. The pool will continue to run independently regardless of the outcome of the 803 Mine Pool. We are trying to add more coins to our pool so if you have any suggestions for SHA256, Scrypt or X11 coins please let us know. Thanks!
27-11-18 - Snow ho ho

We have applied some falling snow, a santa cursor, xmas tree with lights and of course santa himself complete with sledge and reindeer to the site design for the festive period :) Enjoy!
26-11-18 - Flo is online

The new Flo pool is now live and ready to mine.
23-11-18 - Cashcoin & Joulecoin Online / Flo coming soon

The Cashcoin & Joulecoin pools are now online and ready to mine. Flo is currently syncing and we will be prepping the frontend with the details ready for go live.
22-11-18 - Mobile, Tablet & Small Res Improvements

The whole site has had more improvements for better viewability across devices and now has touch/scrolling support.
22-11-18 - CashCoin & Joulecoin

We will be launching our Cashcoin and Joulecoin pools today. The front end has been prepared and once live mining will commence immediately using the details on the getting started page.
22-11-18 - Payments going out but not showing

We had an issue since yesterday with some coins where payments were going out but not showing on the payments page. We have checked all wallets and owed amounts have gone out. We have also fixed this issue by changing code and all future payments will go out as normal and be listed on the payments page. Any issues or questions please let us know and we will be happy to help!
21-11-18 - Improvements

Cobrabytes block explorer links updated on the Getting Started and Payments pages for Block and Transaction tracking. Mobile or small resolution visitors now have a working menu. Each page has been made more user friendly to view and further improvements to come.
20-11-18 - Worker Address Search

The worker address lookup search form is now working and looks tidier. We are also going to be making the site more friendly to view across platforms and devices and have other improvements coming.
14-11-18 - is back! has returned and is ready to help the crypto community mine the crap out of blockchains. Please note the frontend is under construction, however stats, mining and payouts are fully functional. We are also in the process of adding additional coins to the site. Thanks!